Shutdown: Are Our jobs & Money Safe?

Posted by | October 11, 2013 | News

Experts say they are both “pretty safe” outside of a worst-case debt-default scenario.

Economists and investment managers say jobs and depositors money are safe.

On the other hand if the government didn’t pay its bills for over a month we would then have a problem.

This will not happen.
Neither Obama nor the congress will take things that far.

It would ruin Obama’s legacy and Congress would be out of a job.

Debt default will just not happen.

As we can see all parties involved are now sitting across from each other and they are talking.

Both parties are discussing increasing the debt during the shut down.

This is the first important sign we have had. It’s the beginning of negotiations.

There is going to be a deal made between both parties shortly.

If you are looking for employment keep looking.

If have a job you won’t lose it because of a default or shut down.

Don’t panic.
Don’t get discouraged.
Ignore the negative that politicians and the media put out.

Stay positive!

We will be over this shutdown soon.

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