Can You Find Employment With Job Boards?

Posted by | November 20, 2013 | Tips

Research indicates that job boards are among the very best ways to find a new or better job. Better than one-out-of-every-five openings is filled by an applicant who used a job board. Only securing a referral from an employee of the company gets better results.

Job Search Success:

  • Focus on your career field
  • Focus on the industry in which you have experience or want to work; and
  • Focus in the geographic region where you live or want to.

Increase your odds of success by focusing your job search. It enables you to be efficient and effective for the job opening that perfectly matches your experience, talent and interests.

Job boards enable you to probe fully those segments of the job market that are right for you.

General purpose sites post openings in all or most professions, crafts, and trades, industries and locations. They give you access to the full breadth of the job market.

Other areas that can produce positive job search results are:

  • A local job club;
  • Your college or graduate school alumni organization;
  • Your college fraternity or sorority; or
  • Your state department of labor.

In order to take full advantage of a job board you have to use it in the right way. As a minimum, you should:

  • Sign up for their free job alert so you are always on top of the opportunities they are posting;
  • Read career search articles & blogs. Make sure your job search skills are up-to-date and fully developed; and
  • Participate in discussion forums

The key to job search success is knowing how best to spend your limited time and energy. Use the right number of job boards with the right access to the job market. It will increase the odds of your finding the right job for you

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