Use Of Social Media To Discuss Work Issues?

Posted by | November 26, 2013 | Tips

Should you display dissatisfaction with your employer on social networks? Absolutely not!
Why jeopardize future employment with a knee-jerk reaction.
Disgruntled workers should know there are smarter ways express dissatisfaction with their work place. Still we are seeing a revolution in openness in our professional lives. But one has to use common sense. Social media comments and photos will follow you. Be smart.

If you have an issue at work with your boss or co-works use common sense. Go to the source with your issue. To resolve the problem amicably discuss your concerns in a calm constructive manner. 99% of the time that should solve the problem. Most people are open minded and willing to listen and correct a wrong If that doesn’t work when the opportunity arises move on to another company.

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